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Posted: June 5, 2002 | Author: Madbob

Just a note to let you all know, this months 'Guitarist' Magazine has a list of 'the top 50 Rock Bands of all time' voted for by the readers and the Manics feature at number 35, here is what is said:

Manic Street Preachers
Political punk rock revivalists turned political mature stadium rockers via the loss of missing guitarist and lyricist Richey Edwards.

Rock Rating
Attitude: 9/10
Style: 9/10
Drugs: 4/10
Riffs: 7/10

Classic Guitarist Line Up: James Dean Bradfield, Richey Edwards
Favoured Axes: Gibson Les Paul, Fender Telecaster
Amps: Marshall
Essential Listening: The Holy Bible/Everything Must Go

Visit the Guitarist website here.

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