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Manics Glasto setlist
Posted: June 29, 2003, 9:39 pm | Author: Madbob

Here are the first 5 songs the Manics played at Glasto, the set so far includes 1 new song!

Masses Against the Classes
Die In the Summertime (first ever live performance!)
Motorcycle Emptyness
Everything Will Be (Possible name..) download here
Ocean Spray
If You Tolerate This...
You Love Us
Judge Yourself
Little Baby Nothing (Acoustic)
La Tristesse Durera
Take The Skinheads Bowling
This is Yesterday (Full band version)
You Stole The Sun...
A Design For Life

Any updates will be posted when i get it them.

Thanks to the #foreverdelayed news team with their help compiling this.

guitar side picture